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H* Architects

I am honored to commend Zcube Design and team from Mumbai. Hashim's exceptional leadership and effective management of the Interior Designers were crucial to the successful and timely completion of the project within budget. Despite the challenges of upgrading an existing building, the team's commitment to occupant well-being ensured a smooth and safe project. The delivered work exhibited high quality, and Zainul's respect for consultants was evident in meticulous workshop drawings and practical solutions to on-site issues. We consider ourselves fortunate to have this formidable CBRE team collaborating with Hashim, the Interior Contractor of Z-Cube Design.

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Fortune Developers

We've been acquainted with Mr. Muhammed Hashim from Z Cube Design Pvt. Ltd. for over thirty years. What started as a professional association has grown into a profound personal connection. They remain our go-to individuals for all interior-related needs. Their mastery in their field, meticulous attention to detail, keen sense of aesthetics, and practical work approach continue to impress us. Beyond their professional attributes, we appreciate Mr. Hashim's cheerful demeanor and consistently positive outlook on life.

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Al-Amal Diagnostics

First and foremost, immense gratitude to Z-Cube Design and Mr. Hashim's team for their remarkable work in a short time span. Their work is exceptionally tidy, meeting high standards. This team is incredibly organized, innovative, and honest. The pristine and superb interiors garnered excellent appreciation from the Gulf Council Center in Saudi Arabia. After experiencing Z-Cube Design's work, I've consistently chosen them for all my upcoming projects, including Shamim Buildtech PT in Oshiwara, my future residences in Versova and Malad, and many more to come. A heartfelt thank you to Mr. Hashim for his dedicated efforts, turning our projects into great successes. "Thank you" seems small in comparison.
-Amal Yousif Qabageh, Managing Director.